NM State Football Hosts “Pro Day”

Courtesy of NMSU

LAS CRUCES, N.M. – Eleven former New Mexico State football players took part in ‘Pro Day’ showing off their skills to four different NFL scouts, Tuesday, March 3 at Aggie Memorial Stadium and the Coca-Cola Weight Training Center.

Among the 11 former players were running back and Las Cruces native, Brandon Betancourt, former tight end Andy Dean, former defensive back/wide receiver/quarterback Travaugh Colwell, former receivers Joseph Matthews along with former standout center Valerian Ume-Ezeoke.

“It feels good to solidify what I could do and what I’ve done throughout my career here at New Mexico State,” said Ume-Ezeoke. “It was great to show some of the attributes that I have and that I can bring to the table to a professional team. I think the best part of the day was my bench press and showing them agility at the center position.”

Ezeoke, who came in weighing 305 pounds on Tuesday, hammered out 27 reps on the bench press of 225 pounds while Dean wasn’t too far behind putting up 24 reps.  Former defensive lineman Jay Eakins showed his strength as well pushing 23 reps on the bench during Tuesday’s tryout.

Those participating in the tryout were tested in bench-press, agility shuttle run (5-10-5 yards), vertical jump, 40-yard dash and position work.

Strength and conditioning head coach Don Decker helped to run the tryout with the assistance of the NFL scouts (Raiders, Cardinals, Packers, Chargers).

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