Menzies committed to New Mexico State, but Aggies will be different

Courtesy of the Las Cruces Sun News

“As of right now, I fully intend to return as New Mexico State’s head coach,” Menzies said. “I like the direction the program is headed.”

Associate head coach Paul Weir’s contract expires after this season and Menzies mentioned earlier this week that he didn’t think they would have Weir for much longer, as Weir could get a head coaching position soon. Weir has been on Menzies’ staff for eight years.

“If Paul has an opportunity to become a head coach, I will encourage him to do that,” Menzies said on Saturday. “Or significantly move in a positive direction in his career. I will fully support that. (Weir) and I haven’t talked in any length or in any detail about that. The season is just freshly over. Right now, as of today, he’s on board to return, unless something comes as an offer to him. That is something him and I will sit on and we’ll look at it and see if it’s a good opportunity, then I’m going to support him in taking it.”



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