NMSU’s APR Scores Released

Courtesy of NMSU

LAS CRUCES, N.M. – New Mexico State University Athletics posted its best Academic Progress Rate (APR) report card since the NCAA instituted the APR as a measuring tool when the NCAA released its reports on Wednesday.

Using data from the 2013-14 scholastic year, all NM State sports ranked above the 930 mark in a single season for the first time since the program began reporting starting with the 2004-05 year. Schools with a four-year score below 930 could be subject to penalties including reduced practice time and loss of postseason.

“It is gratifying to receive this news of all sports being over the 930 cut score and some being nationally recognized,” said NM State Director of Athletics Mario Moccia. “While happy, we are far from satisfied and our coaches and staff will continue to preach academic integrity and hard work in the classroom to improve these scores next year.”

The Aggies women’s tennis program scored a perfect 1000 APR, earning an NCAA Public Recognition Award for being in the 10 percent in APR for their sport.  The Aggies were one of an NCAA record 953 teams achieving the 1000 APR for the year.

It was the first time for the women’s tennis team to post the 1000 APR and marked the eighth time an Aggie program has notched the perfect mark since the APR began. The last programs to do so were softball and women’s golf in the 2010-11 report.

“It is truly an honor to have women’s tennis receive a Public Recognition Award for the APR,” Moccia said. “It shows the dedication to receive an education and graduate, as well as compete at the highest level.  To receive this honor coming off a WAC Championship season and an NCAA Tournament appearance is outstanding.”

The NM State football program achieved its highest APR of 931, removing it from NCAA penalties assessed because of lower scores in prior years.

“This is huge to our football program,” said NM State Head Coach Doug Martin. “A lot of folks have worked hard to get here. We’ve gotten rid of the penalties and we’re moving in the right direction to win.”

In addition to the stout performance of the women’s tennis team, two other programs recorded near perfect scores for this reporting period.

The softball team posted an APR of 994 and the women’s golf team tallied a 992.

The Aggies had a total of five other sports at 980 or above, led by swimming & diving at 988. The soccer team scored a 981 and women’s cross country, women’s indoor track and women’s outdoor track all posted a 980.

“The academic staff’s priority is to ensure our student-athletes are provided with the highest quality programs and services possible in order for them to accomplish academic success in the classroom and we continue to be extremely amazed and proud of them for balancing the demands of their academics and athletics responsibility,” said James Hall, Associate Athletic Director/Sport Administrator and Student Development. “We are very delighted about our student-athletes academic wins and look forward to their persistent pursuit of academic excellence in becoming proud graduates and alumni of NM State.”

The Aggie athletes as a department have posted 20 straight semesters, or 10 years, of recording at least a cumulative 3.0 grade point average for the semester.



Baseball                                               956

Football                                               931

Men’s Basketball                             966

Men’s Cross Country                      942

Men’s Golf                                          945

Men’s Tennis                                     949

Softball                                                994

Women’s Basketball                      947

Women’s Cross Country              980

Women’s Golf                                   992

Women’s Soccer                             981

Women’s Swimming/Diving     988

Women’s Tennis                             1000

Women’s Indoor Track                980

Women’s Outdoor Track            980

Volleyball                                           968


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